Osteria Casa Tua

Osteria Casa Tua was founded in 2006, in a location that once hosted an old bakery: the architecture has been left untouched, with its vaulted ceilings and exposed red bricks, wood tables, chairs and soft lights.

It’s a restaurant that revolves around the love for traditional recipes, made with wholesome and selected ingredients; a place dedicated to ancient flavours where you can enjoy the simplicity of Tuscan dishes created in the 18th century. The simple flavours of such dishes are linked to a local history of misery and poverty. The close bond between people and what the land has to offer makes this cuisine especially healthy, balanced and authentic.

Ancient recipes that respect tradition and are expertly prepared.

The experienced chef of this traditional Tuscan restaurant prepares several delicacies: beginning with starters like Panzarella alla Maremmana or salt cod with a celery, turnip and dandelion cream; followed by first dishes like pici with breadcrumbs and anchovies, “Pappa al Pomodoro”, and by the testaroli, an “ancient” kind of pasta typical of the Lunigiana area: a mix of water and flour baked in a specific terracotta pot (known as “testo”), then cut into diamonds and baked again before being served with one of two sauces: pecorino cheese and olive oil or pistachio nut pesto. Either way it is simply delicious.

The main courses are “dead” roast – another traditional dish – pot roasted larded breast of turkey with guanciale. Or the “peposo alla fornacina” (beef, fresh herbs, black pepper and basil). Or piglet fillet with tuna sauce, candied rhubarb and crunchy spinach.

All accompanied by excellent wines from a well-furnished cellar, although a perfect traditional ending isn’t complete without almond cookies and “vin santo”.

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