Abbottega is a unique place, where it is possible to re-discover the healthy tradition of the typical Italian “bottega” and relish the flavours of typical Italian food products, mainly from Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany; food that can not only be eaten on the premises, but can also be taken away. A location where the act of cooking is a real performance thanks to the open-plan kitchen that allows customers to enjoy the creations of the chef with their own eyes, before actually trying them. If once mothers were the only keepers of secrets in the kitchen, the simple idea of watching them work all day would add pleasure to every meal. Today, at Abbottega, it is possible to watch those who, with skilful devotion, spend their days experimenting and reinventing traditional recipes. In an intimate and cosy atmosphere, typical of the Roman Osterias, it is possible to have a taste of sweet and a taste of savoury, from lunch to dinner, without skipping the aperitif. Prices are very reasonable and there is a carefully selected list of Italian wines. Another typical feature of Abbotega are the baskets, containing specially chosen Italian products ideal for a typical Italian dinner, accompanied by the original recipes and all in the name of healthy eating: be it a gricia, a carbonara or an amatriciana, they all make for a perfect dinner at home with a group of friends or with someone special.

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